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Professional Sealcoating

We have been performing professional sealcoating to West Chester, PA and the surrounding area for more than 30 years. We specialize in residential driveways, commercial parking lots, and various onsite related services. Newton's Seal Coating uses a high-quality industrial coal tar emulsion sealer mixed with sand for added traction and additives for long lasting protection. Seal coating is the most important step in preserving your asphalt. Sealer creates a protective barrier from the elements that cause it to wear out. From the oxidation of the sun to rain and water runoff, these hazards can take their toll over the years. By sealing your pavement regularly, you can protect your investment and reduce expensive repairs or replacement.

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Line Striping

Your pavement markings and line striping project requires the skill of an experienced parking lot line striping company. Clear and vibrant pavement markings can improve the traffic flow in a parking lot and reduce congestion. From line striping of parking stalls or traffic arrows or reserved parking, maintaining pavement markings is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your parking lot up to code and traffic flowing. Contact our team in West Chester, PA today for a free quote on line striping your commercial parking lot today.

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Asphalt Repair & Crack Sealing

Is your asphalt beginning to crack? Does your parking lot or driveway have areas that are deteriorating and getting worse? From paving repairs to crack sealing, maintaining worn out areas is the best way to avoid the costly replacement of your entire driveway or parking lot. High traffic and water are the most common factors that lead to areas of pavement to degrade over time. When these factors start to cause wear and tear on certain areas in your driveway or parking lot, the correct maintenance is vital to saving the rest of the asphalt. Whether you need asphalt repairs to certain areas, or crack sealing to prevent further damage, we have the service and experience to preserve the asphalt of your West Chester, PA residence or commercial parking lot.

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Quality Products

There are a wide range of sealcoating products on the market today. We use high grade industrial supplies that improve the longevity, curb appeal, and overall quality of your asphalt. Our sealants protect against oxidation damage from the sun, as well as water penetration.

Our Process

  1. First, we will trim back any unwanted vegetation surrounding your asphalt and clean off any debris with wire brooms and power blowers.
  2. Then we apply a high-quality industrial grade coal tar emulsion sealer thoroughly to your asphalt. We are careful to avoid getting sealer on sidewalks, garage doors, parking blocks, etc.
  3. Once complete, we barricade your pavement with caution tape.
  4. The application to your driveway will dry within a few hours depending on temperatures, sun or shade, and the season. Vehicles should wait at least 36 hours before driving on the newly sealed surfaces.

Commercial Projects

You may be asking yourself why should I invest in sealcoating? Because it is exactly that, an investment. Sealcoating costs significantly less per square foot compared to the cost you would be spending to repair or replace damaged asphalt. When moisture enters the asphalt, it accelerates its deterioration and causes heavy asphalt distress.

Newton's Seal Coating understands the needs of our commercial customers. We provide a quality service at a value driven price.

There are many other benefits to sealcoating your asphalt. By sealcoating your parking lot, it will create a barrier that preserves your asphalt over time. Small and large cracks can lead to water seeping down into the stone sub base. Plus, a new sealcoat will make traffic lines and parking spots much more visible - not to mention more eye catching to your customers.

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From line striping, asphalt repair, crack repair, and professional sealcoating, trust Newton's Seal Coating to get the job done right, the first time! Call today!

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